Asato Family Shop location and hours of opperation? 

asato family shop is located at 1306 pali hwy. near pali long's and safeway. we have street parking in front of our shop and behind our building. our current hours of opperation are sunday's and wednesday's 10am-2pm for walk-up ordering and preorder pack pick ups.

How do I sign up for the Sherbet Preorder?

preorder packs will be released weekly on sunday's and wednesday's at 12:00pm noon hst. pick-up for preorder packs are the following week 7 days after order is placed. if you miss your pick up we will allow you to come by the following wednesday or sunday to pick up your order.


How much does a subscription cost?

when ordering presale pints you will receive (6) six pints, one of each specials of the month for $39.99 

Do I need a preorder to purchase pints in store?

we are back open for walk-up ordering at our shop sunday's and wednesday's 10am-2pm. no preorder is needed to come by the shop but placing and online preorder pack does guarantee you all the flavors in the monthly special pack.

When and where do I pick up my Sherbert preorder?


pick up of your preorder is the following week (7 days later) after your online order is placed. if you do not to pick up your reserved preorder pack on your pick-up date, you can pick up the following wednesday or sunday we're open. after that you will have store credit of 6 classic flavors (strawberry, pineapple, and green river) you may have someone pick-up your order on your designated pick-up day, please send them the confirmation email so they can show it to us when picking up. mahalo!

pick-up will be at our shop 1306 pali hwy. honolulu, hi 96813

please bring a cooler to transport your local kine sherbert!

How do I know the flavors I will be receiving?


we will be posting the flavors of the month on our website and instagram to give you a preview of the upcoming and current flavors. follow us on instagram @asatofamily to see what's going on! please carefully read the flavors on the preorder page before purchasing. we will also update our website with flavors before each subscription is released so you know what your getting!

If you're an adventurous eater who likes to try things you can't find anywhere else, we highly recommend you preorder and see how creative we can get with #localkinesherbert!


What if I don't like any of the flavors I get?

maybe your awesome parents, kids, neighbors, co-workers, friends, family, strangers, pets, or trashcan might like to take it off your hands. no, but seriously, come talk to us personally if you really dislike any or all the flavors.  we'll try to help you out any way we can :)


Do you have gift cards available?

yes we have physical gift cards and e-gift cards available at this time. the physical cards are available for purchase at our shop wednesday and sunday 10am-2pm and are only redeemable for in shop purchases. the e-gift card is available for purchase on our website and can be emailed as a gift, e-gift cards are only redeemable for online purchases at this time. let us know if you have any questions.


Can I return or cancel my preorder?

all orders are final once processed and you will receive 6 classic flavored pints of store credit if not picked up on your designated pick up date.

Do we ship our Sherbert?

sorry we do not currently ship our products. we hope to in the future once we can handle our the demand at our shop


Do we have catering services?

yes we have catering cups available for you next party or event! please check out our catering page for more info, you can email us if you have any other questions.