6 pint presale pack


1 presale includes:


6 pints of "local kine" sherbert per presale order. you will receive one of each classic flavor (pineapple, strawberry, and green river "lemon-lime") and three different "flavor of the month" pints. flavors will vary by month and will be revealed on our Instagram @asatofamily.


you will lose your reserved preorder pints if not picked up on your scheduled pick-up date. you will recieve a 6 pint credit to use on your next visit and will have to wait in line to use your cedit.


you can have someone else pick up your preorder on your pick up date. please message us so we can note it down that someone else will be picking up. please give them your order number and name so we can list note it down. you can skip the line if just picking up your preorder.


if you have a preorder pack pick up, you can come staight to the front of the line. Mahalo!

  • Pick-up date 3/01

    Pick up will be:

    Sunday 3/01, 10am-2pm

    If you're unable to pick-up please send someone to pick-up your preorder pack. Give the person picking up your order number and name and they will be able to get your preorder. Also message us so we can add a note to our list. You can skip the line if just picking up your order. Mahalo!